Stop Ojos Secos

Development an app to avoid dry eye problems. The app has an external device connected by Bluetooth, with sensors to establish the conditions of light and temperature of the environment.

MONDENEL is a company born in April 2016. Its origins date back to two years earlier following the alarming and growing numbers of the increasingly young population with Dry Eye Disease.

The aim is to fight against Dry Eye Syndrome through visual health habits that avoid damaging the cornea in order to carry out daily activities normally. To this end, it has worked on PATENTING the HIDROFTECH medical device and has developed a free Stop Dry Eyes (SOS) application that diagnoses, prevents, treats and controls dry eyes in a personalized way, allowing the user to give feedback.

  • Native app for iOS and Android.
  • Carrying out a survey to establish the degree of dryness.
  • Introduction of visits to the ophthalmologist.
  • Connection via bluetooth to an external device.
  • Reception of light, temperature and humidity data.
  • Receiving alerts from the device for environmental conditions.