About us

Mappit is an app development company for iOS and Android, created in 2011 by a young team, but with extensive experience and training in the field of Information Technology and Communication.

Leading projects

We want to take advantage of all the benefits that the new mobile communication channel brings to our clients, and manage to improve and optimize their procedures with our apps.

The promotion team is headed by an Industrial Engineer, trained at the School of Industrial Engineers (TECNUN) in San Sebastian (University of Navarra). He has extensive experience in the IT sector, having worked for over seven years as an IT consultant. The combination of industrial training and IT experience, has given Mappit the necessary character to understand the needs of our customers, be able to analyze their procedures, and develop customized, mobile applications, with a goal:

To make our customers even better.

We work following the SCRUM methodology, which is a guarantee of efficiency, agility and above all else flexibility. In Mappit the methodology is a guarantee of success.

Continuous improvement

The effort in achieving our objectives and those of our customers, makes us better every day. We work daily to offer an optimal service, knowing that we can always improve, and we will!


We know that our success is based on the success of our clients, for this reason we acquire the maximum commitment to reach the established goals, and to achieve the maximum satisfaction of our clients.


We adapt to the needs of our customers, we know that everyone has a different way of working, for this reason for us, the ability to adapt is a very important value.